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Welcome to the Triangle Shooting Academy Resource Center. We developed the Resource Center as a tool to share information about firearms, ammunition, training, firearms laws and regulations, safety and other essential topics. The Resource Center is your online source for how-to tips, techniques and more. This library of information will continue to grow as we add content on a regular basis. You will find the most recent posts below. You can also select a category to search the Resource Center by topic.

Dry-Fire Drills: Practicing without the Ammunition Costs

Over the course of this article we’ll go over some of the dry fire motions you can go through and how to best spend your time practicing outside of the range. 

Single-Action VS Double-Action

In this resource, we will cover the difference between Single Action and Double Action which we touched on briefly in other resources like Hammer vs Striker. As it pertains to Single Action and Double Action, these terms mostly fall into the world of hammer-fired firearms, though there are some exceptions to this rule. But for now, we’ll only concern ourselves with hammer-fired firearms.

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