Range Fees

Lane & Gear Fees

All guests who wish to enter our range are required to obtain either an Annual Range Card or a Membership Card. Range cards are $15.00 and are valid for one year from the date you complete your waiver. This range card ensures that anyone who enters the range has completed the safety waiver & watched our safety video. Membership Cards expirations as based on the type of Membership you purchase.

  Annual Range Card


  Membership Opportunities


  Monday – Thursday Single Shooter – 1 Hour


  Friday – Sunday Single Shooter – 1 Hour


  Additional Shooter (Lane Share)


  Eye Protection


  Ear Protection Rental


  Single Target


Firearm Rental Fees

Our Firearm Rental Program allows guests to have maximum fun without breaking the bank! When you rent a firearm, you can exchange it with any other firearm as many times as you want within the hour. For example, if you rent a Glock 17, which is chambered in 9mm, you may exchange it for a Smith & Wesson Victory, which is a .22 LR. You can even exchange a pistol rental for a rifle or shotgun rental! For only $20.00 you have access to rent all our firearms for no additional charge! Plus, if you decide you are ready to purchase one of the firearms you rented that day, we will refund the firearm rental cost!


  • Please note that any automatic (full auto) firearms are not included in the Firearm Rental Program.
  • For warranty purposes, ammunition in rental firearms must be purchased from Triangle Shooting Academy on the same day of the rental.
  • Age restrictions apply to all firearm rentals. Please review our age restriction policies.

  Firearm Rental Program*


  Sub-Machine Gun Rental


  Machine Gun Rental


  Belt-Fed Machine Guns


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