Facility Rules

Facility Rules & Procedures

Triangle Shooting Academy does not permit open carry.  All firearms must be unloaded and cased until the shooter is on the firing line.

The last shooters are allowed out on the range one hour prior to close. If you are shooting with us for the first time, we suggest that you arrive 30 minutes prior to when you want to shoot so you have enough time to complete our safety waiver and watch the video.

Guests are allowed to bring their own firearms & ammunition. Please see the Prohibited Items page to make sure your ammunition is permitted on the range. If you are unsure if your ammunition is allowed please ask any Range Counter Team Member prior to entering the range.


Range Safety Officers are present at all times to ensure the safety of all shooters and bystanders. Each Range Safety Officer may use their full discretion concerning safety on the range. If unsafe behavior occurs, a warning or corrective instruction will be given. If the unsafe behavior continues to occur, that participant will be asked to leave the range. Please be kind and respectful to the Range Safety Officers. They are there to ensure the safety of you and your neighbors. And always remember, the Range Safety Officers have the final say. If you observe a violation of these range rules, please bring it to the attention of any team member and we will take immediate corrective action. It is our goal to provide you with a safe and fun range experience. Thank you, from the Triangle Shooting Academy Team!

All firearms must be cased at all times anywhere in the facility, excluding when you are in your assigned lane in the range.

When renting a firearm from Triangle Shooting Academy, shooters are asked to have a Range Safety Officer check the rental firearm in the lane prior to leaving the bay and returning the firearm to the rental counter.

Triangle Shooting Academy asks that all participants be honest when referring to their background and knowledge of firearms. New shooters may receive help from experienced shooters in their party or from a Triangle Shooting Academy Range Safety Officer.

Drawing from a holster requires prior certification from Triangle Shooting Academy’s Range Safety Officers or completion of Defensive Pistol 2.

Firing a shot that results in damage to any range equipment may result in a repair fee and/or immediate removal from the range.

Triangle Shooting Academy reserves the right to refuse services and membership to any individual who, in our judgment, would endanger the safety of our staff or patrons. Any unsafe conduct may result in immediate dismissal from the range without a refund.

Triangle Shooting Academy is under video and audio surveillance.

Triangle Shooting Academy staff have the final authority.

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