Range Fees

Range Fees


Lane & Gear Fees

All guests who wish to enter our range are required to obtain either an Annual Range Card or a Membership Card. Range cards are $15.00 and are valid for one year from the date you complete your waiver. This range card ensures that anyone who enters the range has completed the safety waiver & watched our safety video. Membership Cards expirations as based on the type of Membership you purchase.

  Annual Range Card


  Membership Opportunities


  Monday - Friday Single Shooter - 1 Hour


  Saturday - Sunday Single Shooter - 1 Hour


  Additional Shooter (Lane Share)


  Eye Protection


  Ear Protection Rental


  Single Target









Firearm Rental Fees

All guests participating in our Firearm Rental Program must adhere to all Rental Policies, including age requirements and ammunition policies. If you have any questions, any Range Counter Team Member can assist you.

  Handgun Rental


  Long-Gun Rental


  Sub-Machine Gun Rental


  Machine Gun Rental


  Belt-Fed Machine Guns



*Firearm Rental Ammunition must be purchased from our facility on the same day of the rental.
**Select firearms may have a higher fee. See our Range Counter Team for details.


Range Counter & Fees




Open Today 11:00AM-9:00PM | Last Shooters taken at 8:00 PM | Date Night starts at 5:00 PM | The gunsmith is not taking in new work. Armorers are available.  +919-802-2040