Aug 23, 2021

6:00:00 PM



About Triangle Shooting Academy's Action Pistol Matches

The Triangle Shooting Academy Action Pistol Match is designed to be a fun and inviting match that will cater to both the beginner and skilled competition shooters alike.  If you've ever thought about getting into competition shooting, this will be the perfect place to start.  It features easy-to-understand scoring and no equipment requirements other than a good pistol, an outside the waistband holster and mag pouch for that pistol, and enough magazines to hold 30 rounds.  Round counts will, generally, be less than 100 rounds, though having a few extra on hand won't hurt.  Full match briefings, consisting of rules and procedures, will happen before every match, so no one will be in the dark, even if it's your first time.  The only prerequisite is that you're reasonably comfortably drawing and holstering a loaded firearm and are willing to put safety first.

Click here to watch a video from a previous match!



How to Register for Triangle Shooting Academy's Action Pistol Match

Creating a PractiScore Account & Registering for our Match

PractiScore is a free online/app-based platform that provides shooters instant results, match information, and the shooter&rsquos match history. While it is not required to create an account we strongly encourage participants to create one and register for our matches online. Participants who do not create a profile and register for the match will have to be manually entered on the day of the match. Help us save time by registering ahead of time! Accounts only need to be created for your first match. After that, participants can log in and register for the match.


Create an account and register for our matches here!


Please note that all participants' basic information will be placed on our Triangle Shooting Academy Match profile your contact information will not be published.




How to Pay for your Spot in Triangle Shooting Academy's Action Pistol Match

Recommended: Pay Online

Select the red &lsquoAdd to Cart&rsquo button below. You will automatically be redirected to your Shopping Cart. Fill out the Class Participant information then select add. A checkout option will pop up on the bottom right screen. Select Checkout to enter your payment information.

When you pay online you help us save time during check-in on the day of the match. Additionally, you will receive an emailed receipt/confirmation, and you will receive emailed reminders of the event.


Pay In-store on the Day of the Match

Guests planning to pay in-store are asked to arrive early to make payment. Please keep in mind that there are many participants so there may be a line to process your payment. Paying online helps us save time during check-in, which means more time for shooting!




Open today from 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Last shooters taken at 5:00 PM  +919-802-2040