Nov 6, 2021

11:00:00 AM


Duration: 3 Hours
Prerequisite Course(s): None
Prerequisite Skills: None
Age Requirement: 18


About the Course

Defensive Cane 1: Part 1 is the first class of two that introduces students to the Original Cane-Fu Program. Cane-defense techniques, known as strikes and blocks, will be demonstrated and taught to students. Students will then work in teams to perform these techniques. In addition to these techniques, students will learn at-home exercises that will assist in growing the strength needed.

Defensive Cane 1: Part 2 is a follow-up course that is hosted the following week. In Part 2, students will come back for another 3-hour course to continue working in teams and perform strikes and blocks. The week between these two parts is designed for students to practice and work on the strengthening exercises at home. Registration for Part 2 is done separately and is free to register.

All ages are welcomed! This is not just for senior citizens or those who rely on the assistance of a cane day-to-day. A cane is a tool that can legally be carried into areas firearms and other self-defense tools cannot-such as on planes and inside casinos.


Required Materials:

Students are required to bring their own cane. Canes must be sturdy and have the ability to withstand the force of hitting dense objects. Canes may be purchased through our affiliate, Cane Masters. Please note that if you are purchasing a cane through Cane Masters that production may take multiple weeks. Students are strongly suggested to wear athletic type clothes and tennis shoes. You will be moving around during this course.


Christmas Eve 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM  |  Last Shooters taken at 4:00 PM | The gunsmith is not taking in new work. Armorers are available.  +919-802-2040