Nov 19, 2021

4:00:00 PM


Duration: 4 Hours
Prerequisite Course(s): Defensive Pistol 3
Prerequisite Skills: Firm understanding of safe firearm handling. Firm understanding of handgun manipulation. Skills developed in Defensive Pistol 3.
Age Requirement: 21


About the Course

In Defensive Pistol 4, students will learn to shoot from and use cover and concealment. Students will learn how to engage multiple targets both stationary and while on the move. Students will master shooting and critical firearm handling techniques while moving and from unconventional positions such as prone, kneeling, and seated. Students will learn to "get off the X" and maneuver on single or multiple targets. Attendees will also become familiar with extreme-close-quarters and contact-distance shooting. Instructors will ensure that students learn and practice these advanced skills in a safe, and controlled environment.

If you have received your Concealed Handgun Permit, or intend to do so, we strongly recommend that you take this series. Defensive Pistol 4 is currently the last course in this series. However, further advanced training is available through private instruction. 

Fundamental Review Topics:
Grip, Stance, Trigger Control, The Emergency Reload, Holster Work, Clearing Malfunctions, one-handed shooting techniques, flashlight techniques, low-light/no-light

Defensive Skills Taught:
Shooting while moving, working from unconventional positions, extreme close quarters, contact distance shooting, engaging multiple targets, using cover/concealment, reloading, and clearing malfunctions on the move.

Is this the right course for you?

Please review the handgun training succession chart above to see what courses are suggested and/or required. Additionally, Private Instructions are a great option for supplemental training between all courses. If you need assistance in selecting the right course, please contact an Education Coordinator at or (919) 802-2040 ext 117.


Course Materials Needed

ItemsPurchase PriceRental Fee
Semi-automatic HandgunVaries by ModelsRental firearms are not available for this course.
Ammunition: 200 Rounds MinimumApproximately 20.00/Box of 50 Rounds of 9MMN/A
Eye ProtectionStarting at 2.49N/A
Shooting EarmuffsStarting at 13.993.50
3 Magazines MinimumPricing & availability varies by productN/A
Pistol HolsterPricing & availability varies by productN/A
Belt Mounted Magazine Pouches: Minimum 2Pricing & availability varies by productN/A
Secured and tight-fitting belt that fits holster and pouchesPricing & availability varies by productN/A
FlashlightPricing & availability varies by productN/A
Notebook & PenNot available to purchase or rent at TSAN/A

Earmuffs are required to be worn while inside the range. Earplugs are not considered to be sufficient ear protection when worn alone.
Pistol Holster must be a strong-side (dominant side), outside-the-waistband (OWB), and must cover the trigger guard.
Flashlights used must have a high lumen output, momentary push button, on/off switch on the tail-cap, and include a pouch or pocket clip.


Have you completed your waiver?

To participate in any of Triangle Shooting Academy&rsquos courses you must have signed our Range Waiver and Agreement within the past year. If you have not yet signed our waiver or believe it may have expired, please complete your waiver now!



Payment & Member Discounts

Full payment is required when you register in-store or online.

Nonmembers: 175
Individual & Family Members: 10% OFF
Corporate Members: 15% OFF
VIP Lifetime Members: 20% OFF

If you are not aware of your discount code, please call guest services with your membership number to receive the discount code.



Training Policies

Registration Policy

  • Registration for all courses ends two days prior to the course date.

  • Student information provided during registration must reflect information as it's printed on photo identification.

  • If you are paying for an additional student, please make sure you include their full name, telephone number and email address. This is how we confirm our rosters and completed waivers. Accurate information expedites our course check-in process.

Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy

  • A minimum of 48-hours notice must be given to a Triangle Shooting Academy Education Coordinator to avoid forfeiting your course payment.

  • If notification is given 48-hours prior to your scheduled course, students may be rescheduled for a future course or receive a full refund. If a student wishes to reschedule, they may reschedule the course once. Multiple reschedules are not permitted.

  • If the 48-hour window has closed and a student cancels their seat due to a medical emergency, the student must provide a doctor's note stating they could not attend that specific date/time.

Continue Reading our Training Policies, including Attendance & Course Completion Policy.


We're here to help!

Deciding on the right course and registering can be tricky. Lucky for you, we have a dedicated Education Coordinator to assist with all questions and comments!  (919) 802-2040 ext 117


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