Oct 19, 2021

6:30:00 PM


Duration: 1 Hour
Prerequisite Courses: None
Prerequisite Skills: None

About Women of Triangle Shooting Academy (WTSA)

Women of Triangle Shooting Academy is a womens only shooting program that assists women with growing their shooting skills and confidence in a safe and welcoming environment. WTSA was developed by women for women and is continuing to evolve based on our guests needs. Learn more by visiting our Women of Triangle Shooting Academy page.


About WTSA Classroom Workshops

The Women of Triangle Shooting Academy program comes together multiple times a year to discuss a firearm-related topic. During these discussions, guest speakers are often brought in that specialize in the selected topic. These workshops are classroom time only. A notepad and pen are strongly suggested. Firearms are not needed for this workshop.



Scheduled Topics:

September Topic: The Legal Use of Force
Discussion includes reasonable force, deadly force, The use-of-force continuum, how a prosecutor will evaluate your case, defense of the home, and defense of property.
October Topic: Violent Encounters and Their Aftermaths
The Physiology of Fight or Flight, Adrenaline and Endorphins, Visual-Auditory-Memory Distortions, The Attack, Evaluating Your Options, When You're Left With No Other Choice, The immediate Aftermath, When the Police Arrive, The Financial Aftermath



Training Policies

Registration Policy

  • Registration for all courses ends two days prior to the course date.

  • Student information provided during registration must reflect information as it's printed on photo identification.

  • If you are paying for an additional student, please make sure you include their full name, telephone number and email address. This is how we confirm our rosters and completed waivers. Accurate information expedites our course check-in process.

Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy

  • A minimum of 48-hours notice must be given to a Triangle Shooting Academy Education Coordinator to avoid forfeiting your course payment.

  • If notification is given 48-hours prior to your scheduled course, students may be rescheduled for a future course or receive a full refund. If a student wishes to reschedule, they may reschedule the course once. Multiple reschedules are not permitted.

  • If the 48-hour window has closed and a student cancels their seat due to a medical emergency, the student must provide a doctor's note stating they could not attend that specific date/time.

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We're here to help!

Our Women's Program Coordinator, Nancy Wilson, is available for any questions or comments in regard to the Women of Triangle Shooting Academy. If you are having issues registering or want to be placed on a waiting list feel free to contact our Education Coordinators. We look forward to assisting you!

Nancy Wilson Women of Triangle Shooting Academy Program Coordinator
Nancy@TriangleShootingAcademy.com (919) 802-2040 ext 116

Deb & Ashlee Education Coordinators
Education@TriangleShootingAcademy.com  (919) 802-2040 ext 117


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Christmas Eve 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM  |  Last Shooters taken at 4:00 PM | The gunsmith is not taking in new work. Armorers are available.  +919-802-2040