Q: Do I need a membership to shoot on the range?

A: No, you do not. The public is welcome to use our range for a fee of $20.00/hour or $35.00/hour for two shooters on the same lane. We do require an annual range card to access the range. This fee is $15.00.

Q: Do I need prior shooting experience to rent a lane?

A: No, you do not. However, we ask that you let our Guest Services Desk know when you arrive. They will provide you with a new shooter card. This card will be presented to our Range Counter who will be able to assign you to a lane that is prepared to assist you in safe firearm handling.

Q: What calibers can I shoot in the range?

A: Anything up to, but excluding .50 BMG is permitted.

Q: What are the sticky blue mats outside the range doors?

A: These mats are to collect any lead that you may have on the bottom of your shoes.

Q: Can I collect my brass?

A: You are welcome to collect all of your brass that falls behind the firing line. Please notify a Range Safety Officer that you will be collecting your brass so that we do not push it forward the firing line.

Q: Can I use my own ammunition?

A: You may use your own ammunition if it meets our range requirements. It must be all brass ammunition; No steel core, steel/aluminum cased, armor-piercing, green-tip, tracers, incendiary, black powder, any type of ammunition which contains “shot”, or any other type of ammunition which is not listed but deemed unsafe by a Range Safety Officer. We only allow slugs in shotguns.

Q: How many people are allowed on a lane?

A: A maximum of two people are allowed per lane.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to the range?

A: A non-expired government-issued photo identification. Specific identification types are required based on citizenship status. Ear and eye protection are required. If you do not have your own ear and eye protection, you can purchase both at our facility. You are permitted to bring your own firearm, ammunition and targets. Please make sure that all items you bring are permitted.

Q: Can my child shoot on the range with me?

A: Depending on age. Children 12 years and older are permitted to shoot on the range as long as they have a parent or legal guardian with them. Please refer to Full Age Requirements.

Q: Can I reserve a lane ahead of time?

A: We do not take reservations, but we do offer event coordination for larger groups. Please contact our event coordinator at events@triangleshootingacademy.com.

Q: Can I use my prescription glasses as my eye protection?

A: Yes, we suggest wearing your prescription glasses while shooting.




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