New Shooters Welcome

New Shooters Welcome



Triangle Shooting Academy specializes in new shooter education. Our safe, comfortable and welcoming environment allows new shooters to focus on their training without any distractions.


How to Get Started

We are beyond excited that you have chosen Triangle Shooting Academy as your future training facility. Shooting sports are a great way to learn real-world skills while having a blast! Triangle Shooting Academy offers many ways for new shooters to start their journey! No matter what avenue you take as a new shooter, receiving professional education is key!


Private Instruction

Triangle Shooting Academy's Private Instruction is an hour of dedicated instruction built around your specific needs. This route is highly recommended for those who are looking to jump right into shooting. Private Instruction is $90 an hour for up to two students and includes your range time, ear and eye protection, targets, and firearm rental. The only other thing you would need to purchase is ammunition! Learn more and register for your private instruction today by visiting our Private Instruction Informational Page.


Basic Handgun

Basic Handgun is one of Triangle Shooting Academy's most popular courses. In a 4-hour duration, students learn firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, identifying parts, the basic operation of handguns and more. Basic Handgun is $95.00 a person and is held many times a month. However, they fill up fast so don't hesitate to register today.


Stop By for Range Time

Triangle Shooting Academy always welcomes new shooters on the range. When visiting for the first time please let our Guest Services desk know that you are a new shooter. A New Shooter Card will be issued for you to deliver to our Range Counter Team. Our Range Counter Team will then locate an available lane and Range Safety Officer (RSO) that will be able to assist you. Please note that this is not a private instruction. Our Range Safety Officers will briefly show you how to operate the firearm, make sure you can safely handle it, and check in every now and then.

If you decide to take this route, we strongly suggest that you visit us during a weekday. Due to safety reasons, we number the amount of New Shooters in a bay at one time. New Shooters may be put on a wait if we do not have an available RSO. Triangle Shooting Academy strives to accommodate all our guests' needs - however, based on RSO availability, large groups of new shooters may not be able to be accommodated the same day. We strongly suggest groups of new shooters to schedule an event or course with our Events and Education Coordinator.

Open Today 11:00AM-6:00PM | Last Shooters taken at 5:00 PM | Today is Seniors Day (55+) | The gunsmith is not taking in new work. Armorers are available.  +919-802-2040